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I knew Dr. Cai because my friend recommended him to me. Dr. Cai gave me very helpful suggestions on J1 waiver. Dr. Cai's team helped me prepare the materials for J1 waiver application. They were very professional and worked very efficiently. Finally, I got my J1 waiver approved. So I highly recommend Dr. Cai if you want to apply for J1 waiver.

July, 2019


I worked with Dr. Cai on my and my wife's I-485 cases because I live in the Washington Metropolitan area. Dr. Cai and his team are highly professional and supportive. Dr. Cai went through our case in great detail and helped us prepare the paperwork/documents for the initial submission, which made the process clear and easy to follow. Also, Dr. Cai is highly responsible. He would usually reply emails with clear and useful suggestions within 1 business day. He is also very reliable and provided great help in helping us prepare for the interview. We are very satisfied with Dr. Cai's professionalism in support of getting our case approved! Highly recommended!

June, 2019


I approached Dr. Cai's team based on the recommendation of multiple former labmates. Dr. Cai reviewed my CV and responded with his strategy recommendation within one day. After I hired him, he provided very useful templates for the application documents, clearly showing his expertise in presenting academic credentials for immigration purposes. I wrote a few pages of material on my technical achievements, which his team repackaged into a petition letter and several recommendation letters. It took me and his team about six weeks to write and polish the documents and to identify referees. After I got the recommendation letters signed, it took his team about a month to put together the package and submit it. I just got my NIW approval notice after 6 months. I am very satisfied with their service.

June, 2019


One of my co-workers recommended me Dr. Cai's firm to file an NIW-EB2 case and she assured me that Dr. Cai's firm was highly professional and extremely helpful; my co-worker was 100% right. From the very beginning I contacted Dr. Cai, his team has been highly reliable, professional and helpful. They are always ready to answer any questions in a fast manner; from day 1 we set up a plan to file my case within 3 months of contacting them and indeed that was the case. I prepared all my files on time and they also had every document ready as per discussed. I never experienced any issues with the firm along the way. Thanks to their great job my case was approved about 6 months after filing with no additional evidence requested. I highly recommend Dr. Cai's firm.

June, 2019


Mangmang is very knowledgeable, professional and responsive, he is a huge help for my NIW application, and the collaboration is seamless and quite enjoyable. Definitely recommend for NIW, EB1 related application.

June, 2019


I applied for the NIW and my application was relatively weak compared to most candidates with a scientific background who normally apply. But Dr. Cai's team was superb and they managed to put together a very strong case for me and I just got my I-140 approval. The quality of service was nothing like I have ever seen before and the entire team was extremely speedy with the turnaround of documents etc. He guided me every step of the way and responded to emails or questions almost immediately. I just cannot say enough about his team. I very highly and most enthusiastically recommend Dr. Cai.

May, 2019


My friend recommended New Weiming. I am very lucky to work with New Weiming, they are knowledgeable, very patient and very helpful. My NIW was approved in about 6 months.

May, 2019


Very nice experience with Dr. Cai and his colleagues. My I-140 is approved smoothly in ~ 6 months. Dr. Cai's team was professional and supportive during my application.

May, 2019


My EB-1A application got approved at NSC directly without an RFE, within only 2 months. This is really unexpected! I highly recommend Dr. Cai and his team because they provided professional service for preparing application materials and all related work. I feel so lucky choosing their service!

April, 2019


My friend in a previous lab recommended Dr. Cai to me in 2017. I started to prepare the package in 2018 for EB-1B application with the help from Dr. Cai. In 2019, I used PP for the application at NSC and get the approval in about a week. Overall good experience with Dr. Cai's law firm; I will recommend to other friends who are interested in green card application.

January, 2019


Dr. Cai's team is super competent and professional. The staff has super work ethics. I started contacting them in May 2018. At that time my son was 6 months old, and my life was a mess. I emailed them asking whether or not I could start doing my NIW. They got my case started. They got their part done super fast every single time, and they didn't give me any pressure on my part. They were super patient with me and respected my schedule as a working mom. I am a scientist in life science, and they understood my work! I even used the CV they wrote for me on my professional affairs, such as grant application and position renewal. I started contacting them in May 2018 and my case got approved Jan 2019. This is magical considering I am a working mom who could barely manage routine daily life and work. They helped a lot!

January, 2019


The support I received from Dr. Mangmang Cai and his team for my NIW I-140 and I-485 approval is extremely outstanding and beyond expectation. He always provided instant reply whenever I had a question. He knows exactly how to represent his clients to USCIS.

January, 2019


I was recommended by a friend to Dr. Cai for GC application. I reviewed 12 papers and had a citation of 34, which is not as competitive for EB-1B application. To make it safer, I applied both EB2 and EB-1B at the same time through Dr. Cai. Their law team is very professional and experienced with all the documents needed for the application. I was so impressed with their writing and wording for the reference letters. It only took me 2.5 months (without acceleration) to get both my NIW and EB-1B I140 approved at the same time. I am so excited! I understand the hard times to choose a lawyer for your case, but I would highly recommend Dr. Cai law team for your case!

January, 2019


NWM did a very good job on my EB1b application, Dr. Cai's colleagues are very supportive. It is nice to have professional people like them to guide the process, and you don't have to worry much about the details. Once you send them the documents, they prepared the materials very efficiently and effectively. They deserve a strong recommendation.

December, 2018


I highly endorse and recommend Dr. Cai. He is an expert on immigration law. I have recommended him to my friends and some of them have become his clients. I really appreciate his kind help!

December, 2018


I highly recommend Dr. Cai, who did a terrific job on my EB1A application. His team prepared the application document efficiently, professionally, and with attention to details. I am really glad I chose Dr. Cai and his team to help my EB1A application.

December, 2018


Dr. Cai is a great lawyer, he always answers my questions timely. His team prepared EB1A petition just in 3 days and recommendation letters in one week. Very efficient. They also prepared the RFE carefully. I really appreciate the hard work they made to help me get an approval during this tough time.

December, 2018


I want to rate five stars for Dr. Cai. He is very patient and professional. MY EB1A case in NSC was directly approved without RFE. I can not imagine such success without his team's strong support and professional perspectives.

December, 2018


Dr. Cai is a very professional and efficient attorney in this field. He is very good at weak cases. Today I have received my NIW approval - many thanks for his help.

December, 2018


The lawyer did a great job in my case, especially in responding to the EB1A RFE, highly recommended!

November, 2018


The team of Dr. Cai always respond in a timely manner and work very efficiently. Dr. Cai helped me file my NIW I-140, and it was approved 4 months after application. My first EB1-A I-140 application was denied after RFE but my second application was approved today which I am very glad. I would recommend Dr. Cai to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer specialized in the scientific field especially at this difficult time.

November, 2018


Very thorough and easily accessible lawyers. My case went smoothly and they worked hard to make sure I get all my paperwork done. I give them a strong recommendation.

November, 2018


Dr. Cai was recommended to me by a friend. Dr. Cai and his staff provided me with excellent service. I applied I-140 under NIW category which was approved and then I switched to EB-1B category which was also approved in 4 months without RFE. Dr. Cai's staff is thorough in collecting all the necessary documents. Dr. Cai and his staff always provided answers to my queries during the application process. It has been a wonderful experience overall. I definitely recommend Dr. Cai for people looking to hire him.

November, 2018


I submitted my EB1a application last year and my previous attorney persuaded me to withdraw my case in this Jan when the RFE came. After I withdrew it, my case was not concerned any longer and I was not given any advice for the re-application, even though my service fee was not returned. Until I contacted Dr. Cai, I had no idea on what to do next. Dr. Cai helped me re-apply and designed the specific strategy according to my background. His colleagues gave me a lot of advice and discussed with me about the strategy for my case application. We had enough communication by phone that it helped in finding and highlighting my achievements. My previous attorney asked for the recommendation letters within a year and it put a lot of pressure on me because the long-time documentation makes recommendation letters expire very soon. However, they told me it is acceptable for the letters over 1 year to be regarded as "recent". Their team gave me much help in understanding the USCIS policy and the technique in documents preparation. My case was approved without RFE only a month later after submission. I am very appreciative of their efforts and perfect skills on how to transfer the impossible missions into reality.

October, 2018


Dr. Cai was recommended to me by a few friends, his people are generally very helpful and responsive on all matters. My first I140 application was denied after RFE for some ridiculous demandings even though we prepared a really good response to the RFE. My second application was approved recently which I am very glad. I would recommend Dr. Cai if you are applying for green card at this difficult time. You sure will benefit a lot from him and his people.

October, 2018


Dr. Mangmang Cai was recommended to me by a friend. I used his law firm for my EB1A I-140 application. With the scientific background of his and his group, they prepared an excellent petition package. They responded my emails always in time. My EB1A I-140 got approved with PP and no RFE. Following the approval of my case, I have questions on immigration and visas and asked Dr. Mangmang Cai. He always responds to my emails quickly and answers my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Mangmang Cai.

September, 2018


Hi there: Highly recommended. Attentive and prompt to any issues. They are very clear regarding the detail requirements to make application robust. I would highly suggest to hire Dr Cai for your petition.

August, 2018


One word: Impressive! Some very fancy and expensive lawyers hired by my company had told me that I was a "borderline case". Another lawyer had previously declined my case. Dr. Cai was confident that he could get me an NIW even though I had only 4 publications, and only a few citations on papers that I'm not even the first author of. No PhD, only a MSc from a non-famous European school. I was skeptical, because their confidence seemed "to good to be true". It wasn't. During the whole process, every team member of the New Weiming Law Group was extremely responsive even though I had so many questions and worries. After submission, it took only 2 months for USCIS to send us a very small RFE, and after response only 2 WEEKS for my case to be approved! I was expecting to wait many more months and wasn't quite as confident as Dr. Cai was about my case, but he convinced me to go for it and I am forever grateful!

August, 2018


I used their service for my I140 application, and the case got approved in 60 days without pp. Decided to continue my I485 application with them.

August, 2018


Dr. Cai helped me file my I-140, and it is approved today. His group is very professional and provided me with valuable information. They always respond in a timely manner and work very efficiently. I would recommend Dr. Cai to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer specialized in the scientific field.

August, 2018


Dr. Cai Mangmang is my lawyer for green card application. They have done a really impressive job. I highly recommend him.

August, 2018


Dr. Mangmang Cai is my lawyer for I-140 application. He answers my emails very quickly and the petition letter he writes is really excellent. I highly recommend him.

July, 2018


Dr. Cai is a great lawyer for filing my case of 140. His excellent analysis of my background, precious suggestion and elaborated petition letters help me to get the approval of I140 so quickly. I strongly suggest him for whomever wants to apply for the green card.

July, 2018


I contacted Dr. Cai for help with my EB1a application. Dr. Cai and his team of highly efficient lawyers were very diligent and efficient. They helped me prepare the application and were always available to answer any questions I had about the application. Working with them was very easy. Eventually, my I-140 was approved without any hassle. I highly recommend them!!

July, 2018


I would highly recommend Mangmang Cai and his colleagues. They prepared all the necessary documents in a timely and professional manner and they built a compelling case for me. My EB-1a case was submitted in May 2018 and got approved in one and half month WITHOUT PP. I would recommend him to all of my friends who are looking for an immigration attorney.

July, 2018


Thanks to the professional help from Dr. Cai and colleagues, my EB1a I140 application got approved in about two months without REF. They worked very efficiently in preparing necessary documents. And they responded to my request very quickly. I would recommend them to anyone who needs immigration help.

July, 2018


I would highly recommend Mangmang. He and his staff members are all so professional and helped me throughout my Green Card application. I got my 140 approved within 3 month without PP.

June, 2018


I submitted EB2 NIW petition last November and had it approved this June. I thank Mangmang and his colleagues for their hard work along this process. Mangmang and his colleagues carefully helped me prepare all the needed documents and addressed each of my questions in regard to my NIW petition. The approval of my NIW petition should be, to a large extent, attributed to their careful and hard work in finalizing and perfecting all the detailed information in relation to my petition. I strongly recommend New Weiming Law to all who are seeking legal help on immigration.

June, 2018


I got my green card in hand roughly 1.5 years after contacting Dr. Cai. I'd say for about a year of that time the application was with USCIS. The lawyer team was very efficient at every step of the way. Even after my I-140 was approved, and all bills due to the lawyers were paid, Dr. Cai was very responsive to any queries I may have had during the waiting phases. For cases that are relatively risk-free, as was mine, you are guaranteed a free re-application (you still need to repay the USCIS fees) if the first application is rejected. The process was very smooth for me. Highly recommend Dr. Cai's team of lawyers.

June, 2018


I had my I140 and 485 applications filed by NWM. And the I140 case is approved in 50 days without premium process. My qualification is not very strong since the citation is only 160. Besides the luck, it is strongly dependent on the preparation done by NWM staff who handled my case all the way. They are professional, patient and considerate. Without their help, I cannot get the application approved so quickly. I will definitely recommend this firm to my friends and colleagues.

June, 2018


I had my Eb1A I140 filed by NWM. They are very professional and efficient! They prepared reference letters and the petition letter very fast, and answered all my questions in detail and with patience. I am working with them again for my I485 submission.

June, 2018


I’m so lucky to have Mangmang and colleagues help me with my green card application. My background is weak but they did lots of research and prepared a fantastic PL. I strongly recommend this lawyer!

May, 2018


Mangmang and his team were fantastic in preparing all the necessary documents in a timely and professional manner. They built a compelling case for me and I would recommend him to all of my friends who are looking for an immigration attorney.

May, 2018


Mangmang and his colleagues were super helpful with my case. They answered all our questions and managed to build a very good case on time. Their expertise in science and in immigration laws makes them the perfect immigration lawyers for scientists. I highly recommend Mangmang Cai and his team to all my friends!

May, 2018


I heard of NWM from a friend who has recently gotten their EB1A approved. Based on my EB1A case with NWM law group, I highly recommend them for preparing immigration petition. Very professional service and very fast response. All materials, recommendation letter, petition letter, etc were ready within the promised time frame, and very well written. They also informed me about the coming priority date retrogression which I was not aware of. So I concurrently filed I485 with I140 and my I140 was approved within two weeks using PP.

April, 2018


I signed my contract for NIW petition with the New Weiming Law Group in early June 2017. They provided me with an electronic folder containing a complete set of examples of the sort of documents required for NIW application to help me prepare the materials accurately and this made the whole process much more efficient and therefore, relatively easy and quick. In addition, since we shared everything in a Dropbox folder all work was available to everybody involved immediately. They prepared all my recommendations letters (6) in just two weeks after I gave them my research summary. Having all other documents ready from this point on, all had to be done was receiving the recommendation letters from my supervisors/colleagues. My NIW petition was received by Nebraska center of USCIS on October 23, 2017. And I received my approval today, only a day after I found out another applicant has received NIW approval with the same receipt date/center as my application (October 24, 2017) with a prominent (but much more expensive) law group. In summary, I am grateful to the New Weiming Law Group for this great outcome.

April, 2018


I used NWM law firm because someone recommended it to me. They are pretty fast and responsive to my questions. Normally within 24 h. My EB1B 140 case was prepared by them. It was approved in 1 week with pp service. I also used them for 485/765/131 and they are good too. Would recommend them to my friends.

April, 2018


I highly recommend Mangmang's law firm. My EB-1A I-140 application was approved in 4 months, smoothly and quickly, earlier than I expected. During the whole period, Mangmang's team performed very professionally. They prepared the recommendation letter and petition letters for me, which make the whole thing very simple. Dr. Cai and colleagues are very nice to answer all my questions promptly. I highly recommend Dr. Cai and New Weiming Law group for EB-1A application.

April, 2018


I highly recommend Mangmang Cai and his colleagues. They helped me in getting my EB1a petition approved. The communication through Dropbox and the way the documents were prepared were great. We communicate with his team 24/7, that is awesome.

April, 2018


I approached Dr. Cai, because according to my employer’s attorney my profile was not fit for EB1B application. I had only 50 citations, and my employer’s attorney believed that my application will be rejected if I apply for EB1B. So I emailed Dr. Cai with my resume, and he replied back asking more technical information about my resume. He believed my profile fits for EB1B application, and was confident about approval. So I retained NWM law group for my EB1B and NIW application Dropbox folder was created for my application, and communication happened through dropbox folder and email. All my email queries were responded within 24 hours by the case manager. Technology specialist and case manager helped me write my petition letter and also helped me in selecting my right recommenders from the list I provided. The attention to detail in supporting evidences for my achievements was outstanding. I just provided the documents they asked for, and they took care of the rest. My application was filed within six weeks since I retained NWM law for my Eb1b application. My I-140 for my Eb1b and NIW application was approved without any RFE within 5 months. I highly recommend NWM law group, as they have a good eye for assessment of potentially successful candidates. Also, the team at NWM law group consists of highly knowledgeable scientists and engineers which is a great help, as they could understand my research background and profile much better.

April, 2018


I highly recommend Mangmang's law firm. My I140 was approved after RFE under EB1. During the RFE period, the lawyers in Mangmang's team performed very professionally. We started to prepare RFE documents from the first day when we received the notice and worked until almost the last day to submit all the supporting materials. During the time, the lawyers in Mangmang's team were very helpful and patient. I had a very good experience in cooperating with Mangmang's law firm. The result is very wonderful.

April, 2018


Thank you for every effort the entire team put into my case! Your team really did a wonderful response to my RFE, I appreciate it a lot, you are the best professional team!

April, 2018


I highly recommend Mangmang Cai and his colleagues. They helped me in getting my NIW petition approved. The communication through Dropbox and the way the documents were prepared were great.

April, 2018


The response is amazing, all the documents are shared through Dropbox so I could keep track of things easily, very professional. I highly recommend their service for EB1 applications.

March, 2018


After talking with several lawyers, I selected Dr. Cai. His extensive experience and comprehensive immigration knowledge are very impressive. He and his group provide a very professional service to me. They respond fast, answer all questions and work carefully on documents. I highly recommend Dr. Cai and New Weiming Law Group!

March, 2018


Both my family and I obtained the Green Card through Attorney Cai's NWM Law Group. The team responds quickly and is detail oriented in organizing and managing my Green Card petition. Although my case was very difficult, Attorney Cai patiently guided me through all the obstacles. I was treated professionally with respect during the application process. Without the legal services of Attorney Cai and his NWM Law Group, it is impossible for my family and me to have the Green Card in less than a year (including both eb1a i140 and 485). I would highly recommend Attorney Cai and NWM Law Group to anyone who needs immigration help!

March, 2018


Mangmang and his colleagues helped me with my NIW case. They were very responsive and competent. I did appreciate their expertise in science in addition to immigration law as it is needed to build the case. As soon as I provided all the documents, they built the case in a few days, I reviewed it, and it was sent. My NIW got accepted in 4 months, way earlier than I expected. I highly recommend Mangmang Cai!

March, 2018


I recently was approved with NIW I-140 application. Dr. Cai and his team were very helpful throughout the entire application process. Their responses towards my questions were always patient and quick. The whole dropbox made the communication between myself and the team smooth and efficient. The final petition draft was logical and accurate, and I was happy with their service. I highly recommend them!

March, 2018


Attorney Mangmang Cai and his team prepared my NIW case. They are very professional, responsive and helpful. My case was ready for submission in one month from when I contacted them. The case was fully approved without RFE in another 4 months. Wonderful experience!

March, 2018


I started working with Dr. Cai about 2 years to file my EB1 green card application. They drafted very professional petition letters for my I-140, putting together a very coherent presentation of my scientific contribution. And of course, the I-140 got a speedy approval! I continued working with Dr. Cai for the I-485 applications. Due to the retrogress of EB1 in certain countries, this process was long and full of anxiety for me. Dr. Cai and his team have never dropped the ball during this 15-month period. Whether I had a question or needed support, they were there to help. Eventually, there came the RFE for the I-485. They worked with me through this final step, until my green card was approved. I am extremely happy and satisfied with Dr. Cai and his team. They are not only true experts but also very passionate and supportive which can be much needed to work through the green card application process.

March, 2018


I just got my EB1A I-140 approved with the help from NWM Law Group. Dr. Cai is very nice to answer all my questions promptly during the whole procedure. They drafted high quality recommendation letters and petition letter, which was customized to my case very well. His coworkers provided me very helpful instructions on the package preparation and checked evidence materials in much detail with me. I recommend Dr. Cai and NWM Law Group for EB-1A application.

March, 2018


A good friend recommended Dr. Cai to me for the EB-1A application. After a free evaluation, Dr. Cai provided me an approval or refund offer. So I decided to start my EB-1A petition with Dr. Cai quickly. Dr. Cai and his colleagues provided very helpful instructions about the whole procedure, they prepared the recommendation letter and petition letters for me, which made the whole thing very simple. Dr. Cai is very nice to answer all my questions promptly. When I heard I got my I-140 approved, I was very happy. I highly recommend Dr. Cai and New Weiming Law Group for EB-1A application. And one of my friends has already started her Green Card petition with Dr. Cai based on my recommendation.

March, 2018


My NIW I-140 has just been approved after about 4 months of waiting. Dr. Cai and his team gave me very detailed instructions on how to prepare for the documents and they were also very quick and patient to answer my questions. I highly recommend this professional team!

March, 2018


I appreciate that Dr. Cai took my NIW case and it recently got approved. It took a while, but Dr.Cai and his team were diligent, professional and responsible. Thank you!

March, 2018


I hired Dr. Cai with my EB1A case. My petition was approved after RFE. Dr. Cai and his team are highly professional and efficient. They generally responded to my questions/concerns within a few hours. It was a great experience to work with Dr. Cai and his team. I highly recommend Dr. Cai.

March, 2018


It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend the New Weiming Law Group. I'm a Postdoctoral Researcher at a National Lab, my PhD degree is in Chemical Engineering. I have very few articles and limited citations. I consulted a number of lawyers for my I-140 application, all of whom thought I had a very little chance and did not take my case. I was desperate for a while but did not give up. After weeks of research, I finally found a lawyer who doesn't shy away from challenges, a lawyer who is confident in his ability and potential, that is Dr. Cai. In brief, my case was approved with NO RFE. So I would say this: I don't have to recommend the New Weiming Law Group, instead I would ask you this: DO YOU NEED/WANT A GREEN CARD? If the answer to that question is YES, therefore you MUST hire the New Weiming Law Firm.

March, 2018


Recently I have got my green card which was filed in May, 2016. I am impressed with Dr. Cai's patience and professional knowledge. Dr. Cai helped my wife to file I-140 in 2014 and my wife got her green card in the same year. I did not file my I485 with my wife due to personal reason. However, Dr. Cai still provided me very valuable suggestions for my I485 petition and RFE. He even encouraged me a lot during the waiting stage. I will definitely recommend him to my friends in the future. I very much appreciate his help.

March, 2018


Dr. Cai is a very nice, patient, responsible and professional lawyer. I employed him to prepare my EB1A immigration petition, and with his great effort, my case was approved very soon with PP. He also gave me a lot of valuable suggestions and guidance in how to prepare I-485 petition and final interview by myself. I highly recommend Dr. Cai as your immigration lawyer especially if you have a chemistry background.

March, 2018


Thank you! This is great news. It's been a pleasure to work with you and your team, and I greatly appreciate all of your efforts.

March, 2018


Wowwwwwwwwwwwww.....What a great news!!!! Thank you so much guys--I really appreciated everything---I'm so happy!!! Can't wait to tell my family!

March, 2018


It is a wonderful news and I am over the moon! I am very thankful to all of you for the swift and thoughtful responses for all my queries and for taking care of all the paperwork in a timely manner. Special thanks to you for stopping me from choosing premium processing!!! I will definitely recommend New Weiming to anyone that I know who is looking for immigration help.

March, 2018


Thanks a lot for your help and support throughout the entire GC application. I appreciate the excellent service provided by your team.

February, 2018


Thank you for your immense help making this step toward the long-term goal. I could hardly imagine how it would look if I did it on my own.

February, 2018


Mangmang Cai served as attorney for my immigration application through EB1A. Dr. Cai is very experienced and has given great suggestions even before signing the contract. He is always keen to help me on every question that I have. With his help, I managed to get my I140 approved within one week. I also signed another contract with Dr. Cai for my I485 adjustment of status. The service that he and his colleagues provided is very professional. Our case went through perfectly without any issues. We managed to obtain our greencard within 10 months after 485 submission. I definitely would like to recommend the service from Dr. Cai's Law Firm to anyone who needs the immigration help.

February, 2018


Dr. Cai's team shared all the documents through Dropbox so I could easily track and verify all the documents. Their response time was very quick. The recommendation letters written by the team were very technical and representative of my case. I got my i140 approval within 2 weeks without any RFE. I definitely recommend Dr. Cai for EB1 greencard applications.

February, 2018


I applied both NIW and EB1B with Dr. Cai, my NIW was approved after RFE and my EB1B case approved after PP, Dr. Cai is always patient and approachable, his rich experience helped greatly in my case, and I really appreciate it!

January, 2018


He is a good and professional lawyer, and gave me useful suggestions which benefited my application.

November, 2017


Mangmang Cai and all the staff at New Weiming Law group were very professional. They went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me and my wife in obtaining Green Cards. Fair prices and a money-back guarantee given due to our high-quality CVs allowed us to go ahead with this difficult and arduous process of the NIW EB-based Green Card. A lawyer is a must for this process Nowadays, you could not choose any better than Mangmang Cai and the New Weiming Law Group. They facilitated all steps of the Green Card application process and answered all of our questions quickly, clearly and accurately.

January, 2018


I am very satisfied with lawyer Cai’s service, and I highly recommend him. I am a Ph.D. in biology and I got a green card under EB1A with his help. His advice was precise and professional which I never knew if I had prepared it by myself. I appreciated that he always replied to my emails quickly. Lawyer Cai and I corresponded via email and Dropbox and I didn't have to go to his office which saved me a lot of time. He is a responsible and reliable lawyer.

January, 2018


Lawyer Cai was so nice to answer my EB2 questions with professional advices and suggestions. It helps me a lot to prepare the EB2 documents and make a decision about the next steps. I strongly recommend Lawyer Cai if anyone is in the process of EB2 petition.

Yun, November, 2017


Because of my friend's recommendation, I hired Dr. Cai for my EB1A green card petition. I remember Dr. Cai responded to my first email very quickly in the middle of Saturday night; I guess his team is working very hard. My case was approved very smoothly without any issues because of his professional, responsible and effective team. He quickly answered any kind of immigration questions free of charge. I recommended other friends to Dr. Cai. All their EB1A cases were approved. So I think Dr. Cai is your best lawyer option for your immigration petition. Highly recommended!!!

Bao, November, 2017


I think Dr. Cai's team did a great job in helping me get my green card. He always replied quickly to my email and answered my questions in detail. He is also very experienced and pointed me in the right direction to apply. I think he is a great attorney to work with and I highly recommend him.

November, 2017


NWM group took my case when I had only 3 review records, 22 papers, 260 citation records - they helped me to highlight my research work and pass the EB1A application. NWM group prepared the recommendation letters in two weeks, and my petition letter thereafter. USCIS received my package on Sep 6, 2016, and approved it on Sep 9, 2016. Then we started my I-485 package preparation and submitted it on Oct 3, 2016. I received my greencard in early 2017! Thank you, New Wei Ming Group!

May, 2017


I used the new Weiming Law group for my EB1-A application. We started preparing my I-140 application in early January, and had it filed in mid-February, and approved soon afterwards. The whole process was very smooth and quick; the staff was professional and helpful. I fully recommend them for anyone who wants to hire a lawyer for their EB1-A application.

February, 2017


We received tremendous help from Mr. Cai during our O-1, EB-1 and 485 application! Mr. Cai is very professional, not only that, he is always there for our concerns and worries, and it turned out that his advice was very relevant and to the point and our applications were approved quickly! I personally highly recommend him if anyone seeks legal assistance in such issues!

December, 2016


My major is Mechanical Engineering. I had 15 papers (13 first authored), and an Impact Factor around 2-5. My research is focused on finite element simulations, in which journals with Impact Factors above 2 are considered very good. I had 120 total citations (53 independent) and 32 paper reviews (half for journals, and half for conferences). On 5/9 I heard the filing I-485 would not be current in June so I started to prepare a Response for RFE that day. The USCIS received the Response for RFE on 5/16. In addition, many thanks to Cai Mangmang's law firm. Don and Jiaquan helped my case and both of them are very efficient and kind. They really cared about my case, which I appreciated a lot. I asked many questions to them and they answered immediately every time. Don's writing on the PL and RL is excellent. The lesson that I learned from I-140 is that I need to initially spend more time on it. For Response to RFE, I spent lots of time. I strongly recommend Dr. Cai's law firm and I am very delighted to work with them.

Dr. B, May, 2017


I received my green card yesterday. Thank you and your group for helping me on this application, it is a great start for me to work in this country. Thank you very much! I will share my experience and your nice group with my friends who are going to start their immigration applications. Thank you very much again for your great work!

Dr. Z, May, 2017


DEAR MANGMANG, I received my I-485 approval notice via mail. I would like to sincerely thank you for your superb, and timely services. I would delightfully refer my friends to you in the future. Thank you.

Dr. K, April, 2017


I hired Dr. Cai and his team to help me with my immigrant petition under Sec. 203 (1)(a). Overall, I had a VERY pleasant experience working with Dr. Cai and I am extremely happy and completely satisfied with Dr. Cai and his team's service. During the intake conversation, Dr. Cai gave me fairly concrete petition strategy as well as a bunch of helpful advice as to how to improve my background and increase the petition's chance of success. Dr. Cai is definitely on top of every immigrant petition topic, and he was able to point out where my strength lies and where I should continue to improve upon in the future, in order to make my profile stronger to qualify the EB1 category. Dr. Cai also walked me through the steps I should anticipate down the road if I decided to work with them in my immigrant petition. I did not feel any pressure at all and instead, I was kind of touched by Dr. Cai's absolutely candid opinion regarding my case and his friendly and genuine suggestions. Believe, this is something NOT common to be found in every attorney. Almost without any hesitation, I decided to have Dr. Cai represent me and help me with my immigrant petition. Dr. Cai has a solid science background and so does his team, which consists of many talented assistants with either science or engineering degrees. This helped a lot in drafting my petition letter, as they were able to understand my research work easily and quickly capture the key points in each of my publications. Dr. Cai's team is responsible for drafting up to six recommendation letters in support of each petition. Please do the research yourself - immigration attorneys do NOT normally draft letters for their clients (most of the time, they only provide a template asking the client to put together something themselves and they would only "polish" afterwards) Dr. Cai not only drafted letters, but also tried his best to accommodate every single request that I asked and was always willing to accept changes if it made sense. Any attorney would easily charge you ~$1,500-$2,000 solely for the recommendation letters, however, these are all included in Dr. Cai's service. The six letters themselves are worth at least 1/3 - 1/2 of the total legal fee elsewhere. Moreover, Dr. Cai's team is very efficient and ALWAYS stayed ahead of schedule during my petition preparation process. I would highly recommend Dr. Cai's team and I guarantee, you won't regret doing so. Dr. Cai even offered "full refund" for qualified individuals if your petition gets denied eventually. So, it is really risk-free! I got my petition approved in 7 days, and I am very pleased with Dr. Cai's service.

Dr. Y.G, December 2016


Dr. Cai Mangmang and his team prepared major documents for my EB1A I-140 application, which was approved in 10 days by the TSC center, with the premium processing service. Dr. Cai's team offered timely responses and professional work. My experience working with them was great, and I highly recommend this firm to people applying I-140, EB1A.

Dr. A, November, 2016


Mangmang and his team helped me throughout my EB1A I-140 application. They offer timely responses, professional work flow and organization, and many covered services at no additional cost. I started my preparation in mid-August. With their clear instruction, prompt responses and timely drafted materials, we managed to submit the application in mid-October for EB1A I-140 premium process. The USCIS received date was Oct 24, and approval date was Oct 27, surprisingly quick. My experience working with them was great, and I'm glad that I chose them. I highly recommend them for applying EB1A.

Dr. J, November, 2016


Dr. Cai and his law firm were very professional and helpful for my case. They replied to emails very fast, normally within a couple of hours. They provided detailed instructions on how to prepare the application materials. They drafted recommendation letters, and the petition letter very fast (within a week). I strongly recommend Dr. Cai and New Weiming Law to those who want to apply for their green card, even if they have relatively weak backgrounds.

Dr. F, February, 2017


I hired Dr. Cai to prepare my EB1A immigration petition back in 2015 based on recommendations from several friends. The preparation took about 2-3 months, and with Dr. Cai's help my I-140 got approved within a week. After that he continuously offered multiple free consultations during my I-485 application. Now with a green card, I'm working for a dream company in US, and I greatly appreciate Dr. Cai for his help. My case was not one of those strong ones, and I have been turned down by three other attorneys before I got in touch with Dr. Cai. He evaluated my case for free, performed thorough analysis, proposed strategies, and agreed to take my case. I prepared a research summary, based on which he drafted 6 recommendation letters, and a petition letter. All those documents were written professional and persuasive. I truly believe with strong backgrounds in both science and immigration law, Dr. Cai is definitely one of the top immigration lawyers in this country. Finally, what really separates him from other lawyers and make him the best, is that he cares about his clients. He is reachable via email and always gets back to the clients with an answer, a solution, or suggestions within 24 hours. Since the approval of my case, I have recommended Dr. Cai to many friends, and some of them have already got green cards with Dr. Cai's help. I hope my review will be helpful to many other people.

Dr. A, December, 2016


Dr. Cai is very professional and was very responsive on my EB1B case. He revised my reference letters and petition letter several times until he felt that they were ready to go. He also addressed all of my questions in a timely manner. My case was approved right after PP [Premium Processing], and I believe that the process would have been much more difficult without his help.

Dr. W, October, 2016


I was very lucky to have Dr. Cai represent me during my green card applications (both I-140 and 485) since most immigration attorneys thought my case were not competitive enough for an EB1A category. Dr. Cai helped me prepare all of the paperwork that I needed and I was very impressed with the quality of his drafts. I got my I-140 approved in 3 months and received my green card within 1 month after submitting an I-485.

Dr. Z, September, 2016

From EB-1A Client

蔡律师非常专业 效率很高。 回信非常及时。 有问题都能够耐心的解答。 我刚开始找律师的时候,联系了好几个律师, 最终决定选蔡律师, 除了他专业水准以外, 更吸引我的是,他为人处世的态度。 即使是第一次电话咨询, ‘他都会耐心倾听你的各种问题,耐心给出答复,设身处地的为你着想。 不会一味鼓励你做不该做的事情。 事实证明 我的决定是正确的。 我的情况其实并不理想, 蔡律师帮我一起 发掘亮点,撰写推荐信。 拿到我的PL的那一刻,我自己都觉得 我自己原来还是不错的, 还真是做了不少事情。 我的EB1A能够顺利通过 跟蔡律师的鼓励和帮助是分不开的。

- Dr. L

From EB-1B Client

蔡律师工作非常高效,我在他手上办的140,推荐信一周之内完成,PL花的时间长一些,大概两周,主要是因为我自己拖了好几天。工作质量方面,我没跟其他律师合作过所以无法横向比较,但是我觉得最后材料整理完全之后我很满意。我的弱点是引用少,强处是推荐信还不错,而且文章质量还可以。蔡律师的PL根据我的情况避轻就重,突出重点。我原来担心的citation过低的情况完全没有发生。 让我印象比较深刻的是回邮件很及时, 而且能够站在客户的角度考虑,容易沟通。蔡律师有理工背景,感觉虽然领域不同,但是能看出在写推荐信和PL的时候对我的研究还是有基本了解的,减少了来回修改材料的次数。总的来说,我的case比较弱,能够通过除了自己的努力,和蔡律师的专业知识和敬业的态度也是密不可分的。

- Dr. Z

From EB-1A Client

我的case 是找的蔡茫茫律师做的。 我的case 比较弱 同时我由于身份的问题可能需要PP,我和XX律师谈了他觉得可以接我的case 但是不能PP。 但是和蔡律师谈了以后,蔡律师觉得我们只要好好准备还是有很大的机会。 同时蔡律师有很好的生物化学背景,能比较容易理解我做的research。 事实证明我的选择是正确的,蔡律师是很专业而且很用心的律师。 他回信十分及时,对我的问题都能作出比较及时和详细的回答。 推荐信修改也十分及时。在后期发掘自己亮点的时候给了我很多很好的建议。尤其是在我纠结要不要PP的时候,蔡律师给了我很大的鼓励和支持,认真的和我一起修改了PL,为我的整个申请增色不少。我的EB1A PP 顺利通过,非常感谢蔡律师。 最后我觉得一个专业的好的律师应该是一个能够把一个弱的case 通过很好的准备包装变成一个强的case, 而不是只接强case 的律师。所以我十分推荐蔡律师。

- Dr. C

From EB-1A Client

我是比较弱的case,咨询了几个律师,蔡律师的回复是最快的,回答我的问题的时候也是最负责任的。蔡律师不会给人感觉强迫你交钱非要给你办,他只是很客观的评估case,指出哪里可以加强,然后还会免费提供很多样板和案例比较。此外由于认识一个朋友也是很弱的case,在蔡律师的帮助下顺利通过EB1A,因此毫不犹豫地选择蔡律师。 蔡律师很善于挖掘弱case的亮点,使得本来有点弱的case,包装的金光闪闪。本来不是很有信心,在和蔡律师交流后,觉得信心满满。 此外由于有理工科的背景,蔡律师材料准备起来非常专业,在写推荐信和petition letter的时候得心应手,基本不用顾客费心。整个申请过程蔡律师非常有效率,基本1-2个星期就可以把推荐信和pl准备好,如果有问题时,回复也都非常及时。非常感谢蔡律师的帮助,希望大家选择合适的律师,都早早绿。

- Dr. H

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